BOURNEMOUTH: Ding ding! Ears, please

Ding ding! Ears, please


Yellow Buses has always listened to its passengers – but now it is talking to them as well.

The company has introduced voice recordings on its fleet that announce what the next stop is.

This obviously helps the visually impaired, but also visitors who aren’t exactly sure when they need to alight.

Yellow Buses is the only local operator to have such a system and it is working across the Bournemouth-Poole-Christchurch conurbation.

All the announcements are computer generated and GPS technology determines when they are played to the passengers.

At the same time, details of the next stop are shown on digital displays within the buses.

The system, provided by Trapeze Group UK, is currently in test mode and the Yellows are encouraging passengers to get in touch with their feedback about the audio announcements.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing and Customer Excellence, said: “We have introduced the talking information across the fleet.

“We are always trying to improve the service for our customers and want to remove barriers so as many people as possible can use the buses.

“The voice recordings will assist the visually impaired who otherwise might have to ask fellow passengers or the driver.

“It also helps tourists who want to get around east Dorset on their holiday but are not familiar with the routes.

“This is the just latest innovation we have introduced to make using our buses an easier, more enjoyable experience.”