MANCHESTER: A new approach to recruitment

Customer Ambassadors2

As part of the recruitment campaign for new Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to work on the airport line, Metrolink RATP Dev worked with local housing group, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, to trial a new initiative which involved recruiting people locally from the area.

The project was a great success and the company received interest from more than 250 applicants for the CSR positions.  Now 12 months on, the new recruits have gone on to form part of the bigger customer service team at Metrolink RATP Dev, including a new Customer Ambassador project which will see them provide customer service at key city centre stops.

Chris Coleman, Managing Director at Metrolink RATP Dev, said:

“We achieved unprecedented success with the recruitment programme which has not only meant employment for Wythenshawe residents, but has also allowed us to use the local knowledge of our new employees to provide even better customer service to our passengers.”

“As a result of the success of the project, our new recruits have now gone on to form part of the bigger customer service team here at the company which is a fantastic achievement.”

Pictured are Customer Ambassadors – Dan Redman, Kevin Currid, Gabi Lieber, Chris Boardman, Madeleine Monaghan, Christine Liversidge, Debbie Smith and Mike Adams. All were recruited to Metrolink from the Wythenshawe area for the airport line one year ago.

CSR, Madeleine Monaghan, is also a Councillor for the area, she said: “Recruiting locally for Metrolink jobs was such a fantastic initiative and the Airport line has brought so much to the area.

“As well as being able to travel from A to B – and the tourism element of being able to travel to the airport and city centre – you can’t underestimate the impact the Airport line has had on the area.

“There are so many new businesses in the area that have created employment opportunities and up-skilled residents, and from working on the line I’ve had so many first-hand accounts from people who have told me just how much it’s improved their lives.”

Greater Manchester’s Metrolink network is one of the most successful light rail systems in the UK, carrying over 32 million passengers every year. The opening of the Airport line brought the number of Metrolink stops across Greater Manchester to 92 with a total network length of 92km.