MANCHESTER: Get me there gets bigger

Get me there gets bigger

More than 500,000 people across Greater Manchester will be able to get on board with smart ticketing as a part of the phased rollout of get me there.

Around 3,500 people have been routinely using the system since July as part of a pilot run by Transport for Greater Manchester, touching in and out on the get me there smart readers at the start and end of their journeys.

Now everybody holding a Greater Manchester concessionary pass for older or disabled people is being asked to start doing the same whenever they travel on Metrolink for free.

They will also be able to register their passes online and see details of their travel history.

This latest phase of the rollout extends get me there to more than half a million people, enabling the development team to gather further customer feedback and ensure the system can deal with high volumes of regular users.

Metrolink’s paying customers will be then be invited on board in stages during spring and summer 2015.

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